A High Resolution 1440 Pixels monitor’s place

Whoever thought that high resolution, 1440p or ultra wide monitors were only meant for gaming perhaps never saw a trading rig on stock broker’s floor; or for that matter the work-desk of any seasoned animator. The perfect detail to graphics and glitch proof image resolutions is as much the right of any stay-at-home mom as it is of any gaming pro. The application of 1440p monitors in this case has been widely viewed as an amicable solution to both the economics of buyers and the experience requirements of enthusiasts. If there’s anything that caters to your need of great viewing experience and doesn’t burns a hole in your pocket, it’s the 1440p monitors with 144 Hz frequency.

Top 10 Best 1440p Monitors

Why go for 144 Hz and not less?

Now many would say that for home usage and business applications 60 Hz or perhaps something between 60 and 144 Hz is workable. But with the 90 day obsolete technology scenario, and screens becoming more adaptive to the high end content being produced settling for even the thought of screen splitting and lack of image quality; is not advised. And before you jump to the conclusion that why not get a 4K instead, then we’d like to remind you that neither all the graphic cards nor all the variable frequency cards have yet been developed to match the 4K demands of any visual panel. Q.E.D we have got the only best option of 1440p monitors at exactly 144 Hz that can give us the best experience for the best price.

Which 1440p monitor suits your needs?

Now to know what kind of monitors you can buy within this specifications we’ll have to take a look at the type of monitors one can categorize these specs into.

Based on the Screen Type

Now most of them would only tell you about the two types of screen panels namely TN (Twisted Nematic) and IPS (In-Plane Switching); and that’s because they’ve only know these monitors to serve the purpose of gaming. But there are other variants as well.

IPS 1440p Monitors

The 178 degree viewing monitors. Yeah! That’s how they’re sold to you, by telling that you can practically move to any angle and find the monitor to be displaying the same whites and same blues on all sides. It’s true they do so by switching viewing planes with respect to the ray emissions from the LEDs. They’re really the best monitors for any designer, graphic artist or office displays. The most 144 Hz monitors you’d find come in this category only.

But with their enhanced field of view comes the problem of IPS Glow. For dark room visual experiences you’d be able to see the brightness leakage from the edges of the panel which will alter with your concentration and ease of view. This Glow Leakage has also been known to be more harmful to eyes than other variants. Recent technologies of retina care and blue light reduction have led to a better handling of this problem.

TN 1440p Monitors (Twisted Nematic)

They once used to be a great sensation among the serious gamers, and still are if they are serious competitive ones. The best things about these monitors is that they have the ability to push the maximum number of pixels from your system compared to any other screen variant.

They’re also known to have the best in class response timings with some even providing upto 1mS or 2mS response time which beats the best in class budget IPS 1440p monitors with 4mS response time. The problem with these are the viewing angles, so if you’re going in for a gaming rig; you’d probably not want to have this one at all. They have a limited field of view which does not only alters your vision horizontally but vertically as well. The only thing to their advantage is the ability of smooth play.

VA (Vertical Alignment) Panels

There are some of these still being sold for research purposes. No! that’s not a statement about their extinction from market, instead it’s a complement to their incredibly high image resolutions. While an average IPS or TN monitor can have a contrast ratio upto 1000:1 these VA monitors can go upto 3000:1 as well. But because of such detail in contrast any shift in the images is not suitably replicated on the screen and ghosting and image retention remains a problem for these monitors.

For more details on how 1440p monitors can be categorise you can look at our another review where we mentioned about the UHD and W-UHD monitors for 1440p and 144 Hz monitors.

Best 1440p Monitor Brands

The best brands in the field of the LED monitors have made it to the top by constantly adhering to the demands of ever changing technology. They have generally been pushed more by gamers but the needs of non-gamers have been equally replicated in their provisions. We’ve enlisted the best players of this business for your reference so that you know who you are buying from.

Alienware by Dell

Every gamer knows about this and every non-gamer wants to know more about it. It’s a subsidiary of Dell which is solely meant for computer gaming equipment and accessories. They have this laptop series specially designed for PC gaming which runs at a current version 13 which has a contrast ratio of 100000:1. Now for a company that carries that kind of equipment, pulling of great monitor technologies is nothing. They are the bets providers of proprietary models which complement the Ge-Force NVidia Cards to the best capacity. With the kind of respect that Dell carries in the world of PC manufacturing these are the guys which come up with regular upgrade in monitor technologies as well.


The best company by far in terms of pocket friendly solutions for almost anything PC (Personal Computing). They’re been a revolution with their Zenfone and Eee PC and have been doing a lot of research in providing users with the most cost effective solutions for the past decade. The Taiwan based giant is also a well-known name among the suppliers and manufacturers of Gaming accessories. They have also been developing some IoT devices to assist gamers and home users alike. The visual aid business they had in Taiwan was implemented to USA markets back in 2007 which resulted in great response from native users. Today it holds a good share of user sin both PC and Accessories industry.


The lesser known but widely respected name among the niche audience of gaming enthusiasts for providing great solutions. The sheer variety of options they have for various technologies of monitors is something to look out for. There is practically no Gaming fest where you don’t find these guys not winning some award or the other.  With their great solutions for Gaming Motherboards they’ve been able to earn good rapport among designers and gamers alike.


BenQ is perhaps the brand that people have most heard about in the monitor industry. They have been the all-around supplier of computing hardware solutions to most businesses across the American Continent. They have the best research team around and have been constantly innovating with numerous consumer offerings. The focus they have for visual appliances, be it monitors, projectors or signage makes them the true leaders of this business. If its BenQ and you like the specs, you can practically close your eyes and buy you monitor

The Top 10 1440p 144Hz Monitors for Gaming and Non-Gaming Use

With all this information let’s jump into the list of the best possible solutions that you can find for the 1440p and 144 Hz specification to enhance your visual experiences for both home and business applications.

Acer Predator XB271HU

The IPS panel with W-QHD specs of 2560x1440 pixels provides for the high brightness of 350cd/m2. It’s very light weight and comes with inbuilt two high definition speakers. The highlight feature about this one is that it’s got an adjustable frequency. Which means that the standard frequency it provides it is 144 Hz but the Overlock Frequency it has is 165 Hz. It comes with an NVidia G-Sync Card and 4mS response time which at the WQHD resolution is a pretty good deal for the price at which it comes. The stand for Acer Predator even allows for upright vertical alignment for the convenience for the users and at 5.8 Kg weight its perfectly fine to turn your monitor the way you like. Choose this for the extra value addition of adjustable frequency.


With 1 million to 1 DSR (Contrast) this one blows the competition out of the park. The absolute awesome and unmatchable picture quality is why it’s the highest sold monitor for gaming application across all stores in the USA (PC Consumer Critics 2017). The additional support of 2HDMI cables is surely a great value addition for office usage. And did we mention that this is an 1800R curved monitor which makes it a perfect piece of you rig equipment. With all these options it also comes with blue light protection. Choose this one for the high end visual experience at the least expense of your optical health.

Pixio PX276 27 inch 144Hz

Now that’s what we want from a responsive 1440p monitor. This one comes with an awe-inspiring 1mS of response time which is by far the least that we’ve come across in all non-4K gaming monitors and other monitors that we’ve come across. As uf that was not enough, its bezel less panel makes it a perfect addition to your office space, without bothering with the eyesore of odd-bezel designs. Two HDMI Port and two inbuilt speakers with an inbuilt power supply for space saving is assisted by Free-Sync AMD Radeon which makes for all the requirements that you could possibly imagine from your high resolution monitor. Choose this one for the best response rates and the best aesthetic appeal it has.

AOC Agon AG241QX

This one’s a TN Panel with 1mS response time. Which means it made good on its promise of catering to our speed needs but not for the field view. Nonetheless, what it lags in field view it makes up for in shadow reduction by usage of its own Adaptive Sync technology inhibitor which assists in motion blur and blue glow reduction and shadow control. Now this is the only option out of all the ones that we have listed which can eliminate the serious concern of ghost shadow for Adaptive Sync tech; which means if you’re a serious gamer then you’d appreciate the lengths to which they have gone to benefit you. Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed players would know how important it is to not leave behind a shadow and that’s why Agon rocks.

ASUS 27-inch 2K 144Hz WQHD FreeSync Gaming Monitor [MG278Q]

ASUS as mentioned has the habit of going into details where others won’t go. Like providing a detailed 109 pixels per inch which means they are providing an average 15% more than the best ones listed here within the same price range. They’re got four different crosshair overlay options and that means more customization for any gamer. The customization user interface for the screen itself reduces the burden of adjusting the screen brightness and other features ot the best of your choice. The Hot-keys on the panel instead do the job for you. The OSD (On-Screen display) is another feature that reduces the glare from those flashes you see in shooting sequences in movies or explosions in gaming. In-all this one is a total treat for TN panel with real customization options for any user (gamer, home or business user alike)

Some honourable mentions for the options that were selected but they didn’t make it to the top 5 list:-

  • Samsung C27HG70 27-Inch HDR QLED Curved Gaming Monitor (144Hz / 1ms) Model C27HG70QQN
  • LG 32GK850G-B 32" QHD Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate and NVIDIA G-Sync
  • Acer XG270HU omidpx 27-inch WQHD AMD FREESYNC (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Monitor
  • MSI Full HD RGB Gaming LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 2560 x 1440 144Hz Refresh Rate SteelSeries GameSense FreeSync 27” Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix MPG27CQ)
  • ViewSonic VX3258-2KC-MHD 32" 1440p 1800R Curved 144Hz 1440p FreeSync Gaming Monitor HDMI, DisplayPort

How to test your 1440p Monitor

Well obviously you could play a portion of some game at the store if they allow you to punch through their consoles for the sake of sales, but otherwise there’s no other way to have it checked before purchasing it. There’s also the method of test screens which you can find online under the headers of Monitor Colour Test or Monitor FarbTests. There are also Lag Testers but those are equipment you’d only want to choose if you have the lottery money hidden somewhere or if you’re too serious a gamer. Perhaps if you show them one, they might even submit to your enthusiasm and plug the tester in right at the store.

Look out for Dead Pixels and Always be Health Conscious

The effective distance of a High definition monitor should always be atleast 20-30 inches from your eyes. Check between your leaning positions and overlocking positions and then decide the best distance.

Always have the dead pixels checked by using one of those online testers of having the installation people check it. If you can adjust the flux and emission levels of your screen to the best dark room ambience and thus keep your circadian rhythms (brain time cycle related to visual receptors) in order.

Choose between adjusting the flux and calibrating the screen for best resolution; if you’re using this for gaming then it’s perhaps best that you calibrate the screen but if you’re using this professional and non-gaming leisure, we suggest you better adjust for flux and blue light emissions.

Look out for 2K vs. 1440p sellers

Beware of the product descriptions, some of them try to slip in the 2K idea for a 1440p monitor. Mostly they’re trying to dupe you for a 2K panel (1920p) in a 1440p monitor which may not turn out to be the best combination.

Dual HDMI Ports- Always the Best Option

Try to get the ones with dual HDMI ports because most new age graphic cards use Display Port and DVI Connectivity as well. And don’t forget the USB ports, the more the better!

Price Comparison

Do your checks for the relative pricing. It’s not uncommon for some providers to provide more or less the same specs, even the same quality but at very different rates just because of one-or two extra features which might seem redundant to your application. Be sure while buying that you’re not getting an IPS with NVidia with shadow reduction for designing as you don’t need one but be sure to get a full RGB monitor if you’re going to do animation or creative editing with your monitor. It all depends on how you want to use your monitor.

Knowing your monitor and keeping your monitor

As we mentioned high definition monitors and mostly 1440p monitors are widely liked among users for their extreme adaptability to highest available formats of video and animation content without the exaggerated expense of overtly higher definitions. Selecting one obviously a concern but marinating one is another task in itself. To get the best experience out of your 144 Hz monitors keep in mind that the monitors live as long as you want them to live. The technology shifts in monitors do not come as fast as the gaming systems and thus you don’t need to be worried obsoletion of these appliances but trying to overload the system and not appreciating the needs of the system with requisite peripherals is a sure shot way of finding yourself in the position of buying another monitor in a matter of months.

Buy from our top 5 picks of 1440p Monitors and rest assured

Don’t worry choose from our list and you won’t have to care about anything more. Keep visiting this site for more such information. We gather our information from authentic official sources and not public repositories.