Hello, Gamers.

Chances are that you are an avid gamer, and that why you have landed on this site. I am a very passionate gamer too. My name is Liam Gaming has been my hobby ever since I could hold a gaming pad. I understand that your gaming experience is only as good as the equipment you have. From the slightest of gaming equipment such as the mouse and the routers to the most significant equipment such as the gaming console, they all play a role in making your gaming experience wholesome. Welcome to Junkitechture.com where I will guide to getting the best gaming equipment.

Why Did I Start the Site?

I have been playing gaming video games for years. Over time, I realized the very little things that we tend to ignore can significantly affect your gaming experience. A case in point, I couldn’t believe the difference when I switched the couch I had put in front of the gaming monitors with a proper gaming chair.

My aim is to ensure you have the best gaming set-up possible. You need a gaming set-up that will allow you to concentrate on the game. I will guide you into getting the best gaming set up at your own budget. I reckon that different people can afford different gaming equipment. I will show you how to work with what you have.

How Do I Know What’s Best?

You must be wondering how I know what’s best? I spend time reviewing various gaming equipment and establishing their suitability or performance. I dig deep into the reviews of other people who have used the equipment to establish how their experience has been. I review electronic gaming devices such as consoles, monitors, speakers and many other. I also review other non-electronic gaming equipment such as gaming chairs, tables, screen mounts, and stands among others.

Why Should I Bother?

Why would I go through the hassles of providing free information instead of enjoying my perfect gaming world? Well, I am part of part of an affiliate marketing program. The site has affiliate link through which you can purchase the various items reviewed. I will get a commission if you purchase an item through the link. You incur no extra costs by buying through the affiliate links. You will spend just as much as you would anywhere else.


The reviews I publish are factual and truthful. I delve deep into the specifics of each product to ensure I paint a real picture of what that product is. In as much as I am involved in marketing the products, I do not offer untrue information or promote a product as what it isn’t. My aim is to bring you a selection of the best equipment as far as gaming is concerned.

I’d Love to Hear from You

I appreciate feedback and love to interact with my readers. Feel free to contact me if you have any queries, concerns, comments or suggestions. Keep reading and let me help you kick your gaming experience a notch higher.