Top 5 Best FPS Mouse

Bringing a standard mouse to an FPS game is just like riding a bicycle in a formula one race. The right mouse will boost your gaming abilities to higher heights. An FPS mouse will increase your speeds in order for your reflexes to be great to win StarCraft and Battle Royale or any FPS games. It will certainly bridge the gap for you if you are a competitive gamer.

While it may be difficult to list the best FPS mouse. The products below have certainly stood out due to their amazing features. These models will offer you pinpoint accuracy that allows you to bridge the gaming competitive map.

BenQ Zowie FK2

Sleek, simple and compact, that's the best way to describe the Zowie BenQ FK2. The most minimal design was picked in order to offer a gaming mouse that's ambidextrous. It is manufactured to be utilized by both left handed and right handed gamers. This FPS gaming misuse is easy to use and does not require the installation of special drivers.

It has a 3200 DPI which you can move between 1600, 800 and 400 gears just with a tap of a button. The design of the FK2 though simply does ignore certain features so do not expect it to possess all the whistles and bells. The mouse is very precise using a movement of 1:1. Its report rate is adjustable allowing you to change it between 1000, 500 and 125 Hz assisting you to give optimum precision during your gaming sessions.

The design is also commendable as it is made with claw grip utilization in mind. Also, it is large enough to provide gamers who have larger hands comfort.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

As you naturally would expect due to its $100 pricing, the G900 Logitech Chaos Spectrum is developed with eSports in consideration. Its design is very ambidextrous and perfect for both left and right-handed gamers. You can decide as well to use this gaming mouse in wireless or wired mode with absolutely no degradation in performance. It uses a 5 gear DPI which is adjustable between 12000 to 200 with a tap of a button. It also possesses a unique gaming sensor called the PMW3366 below it's good to offer optimal precision.

When using wireless mode, you get a 30-hour continuous battery lifespan after just one full charge. Also, you can effortlessly change to the wired mode when you attach a USB cable and not cause a performance hitch on the mouse. The chaos spectrum consists of 11 buttons which are customizable and integrated into its design without hampering on its compact design. It utilizes a unique mechanical pivot button for tactical feedback and reliable response.

Razer DeathAdder Elite

As with a lot of Razer products, this one spares no cost when it comes to providing a specific PC peripheral for gaming. The Elite DeathAdder delivers the most effective performance in any gaming mouse. This is one of the best FPS gaming mouse available. It has a 16000 DPI that you can adjust to various rates by pushing a button. It's advisable though, that you do not adjust it to 16000 DPI adjustable.

The DeathAdder also holds a resolution accuracy of 99.4% to assist you to get amazing headshots when in FPS firefights. The Elite also incorporates a mechanism for response time and good tactile feedback. Its click lifespan is approximately 50 million. The design is what you'd expect from any Razer product. Stylish and sleek with the light setting bring customizable for personalization of the gadget. It also has customizable buttons for fast command access.

Logitech G5 Proteus Spectrum

The G502 Logitech one of the best mouse for FPS gaming. It provides amazing performance in every way. It comprises of 5 3.6g weights to help create an enhanced handling experience

The design of the Proteus Spectrum offers 11 customizable buttons that allow for fast access to various input commands. It uses a 12000 DPI which can be adjustable with 5 gears. This lets you control the DPI from 250 to a maximum of 12000.

As you may already expect from Logitech. The GUI gives you free reign on customized macros, button configuration, color config, and DPI setting. The movie features an ergonomic and smooth design for maximum comfort and handling.


With regards to aesthetics, the Sensei of steel series is one of the best fps mice. It's extremely durable build and sleek design makes it an awesome reliable and long-term fps gaming mouse. Efficiency and simplicity seem to be the tag of the Sensei. Its build allows for both left and right-handed usage with ease. It posses up to 7 programmable buttons as well as customizable macros.

It uses a 3-zone lighting on the wheel, scroll, logo, and one that assists you to determine CPI. The improved GUI may appear difficult to starters but fortunately, they provide a manual that's easy to understand on their website. It's suggested that you read the manual before programming the functions. If however, you desire to personalize the lighting then you'd need to download an additional driver.


A lot of aspects go into choosing the best FPS gaming mouse for your needs. For FPS gaming, a 3000 DPI setting is advisable. If you use a multi-monitor rig, search for higher DPI abilities. However, if you aren't big on the FPS competitive scene, both laser and optical mice can be used. However, whether you need a dedicated sniper with your FPS mouse is up to you. It can make a huge difference when playing online so might consider getting one.

With regards to budget, you can get a great FPS mouse with a price range between $50 to $100. Mice at such a price range comprise of the latest features including high polling rates, high DPI, and a great selection of additional buttons and whistles and bells including RGB. Any FPS mouse above $100 is totally optional.

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