Best Gaming Monitor for PS4

The PlayStation 4 is regarded as one of the ultimate gaming experiences for both young and old, however, to get the most out of your experience, it is imperative to select the most optimal gaming monitor. Do you want each and every detail of the action when playing Call of Duty? Do you want a low response time? There are many gaming monitors out there to ensure you get the best experience possible. In fact, should you not consider a top-quality gaming monitor, then it is fair to say your gaming experience is limited. Without further ado, here are five of the best gaming monitors for your PS4 experience.


If you really want to enhance your gaming experience, one of the best choices you can possibly make is the ASUS MG28UQ 4K. Firstly, the gaming monitor provides a UHD 4K resolution, enabling you to see every single detail when playing the game, which complements the 28” screen. But that’s not all, the ASUS also comes with eye care technology which protects your eyes from fatigue, allowing you to play for as long as you want without ill effect. The response time of 1ms is truly second to none, which allows it to be very responsive to each different game played. The price is around $299.99.

Dell Ultra 4K P2715Q

If you are seeking to enjoy a smooth and clean gaming experience, then you would be well advised to consider the Dell Ultra 4K P2715Q. This gaming monitor is very aesthetically pleasing, especially within the room, but this is nowhere near the greatest quality. Like the ASUS, the Dell Ultra has amazing 4K picture, but in addition to this, it also has sRGB Colour, which provides bright and accurate colours for a solid gameplay experience. With the Dell, you are also available to make adjustments to the viewing positions with its swivel and height adjustment features. It also allows you to mount the monitor on the wall. The price of the Dell Ultra works out around $386.99.


Another very good candidate to enhance your gaming experience, the AOC AGON AG271QX is ideal for PS4 lovers like you out there seeking high detailed gaming. Again, it comes with 4K resolution, however, it also gives you the option to play the game in Quad HD, which quadruples the resolution provided by 720p HD. Pretty impressive considering its 27” screen size. It also comes with adaptive-synch technology, which diminishes image tearing and stuttering issues common when differences exist between graphic card frame rate and monitor refresh rate. The metallic stand also increases its visual appeal. You would be looking to part with around $299.99 to land the AOC AGON.

Samsung UH750 LED-Lit Monitor

You can do far worse than choosing the Samsung UH750 LED-Lit Monitor. With Samsung’s status as one of the industry’s big hitters in producing monitors and TVs, you know that you will be getting your money’s worth. And here’s the evidence. A 4K QLED display provided by the monitor gives you a highly realistic gaming experience. Along with this, the monitor is also equipped with blended quantum dots which are made of around a billion shades of colour, enabling the monitor to display stellar and lively images of the game being played. If you buy the UH750, you will also be getting a brilliant multitasking feature, which enables you to have more control over your overall tasks for the day. If this interests you, then you will be expected to fork out $377.99.

LG 27UD58-B

Last, but by no means not least, we have the LG 27UD58-B. The amazing features coming with this monitor have made it very popular for PS4 gamers all around the world. Some of these features include a FreeSync Technology, which allows gaming to have fluid movement and effectively eradicates stuttering issues. The On-screen control allows you the gamer to be able to access other options and manage screen brightness and volume and split screen with the minimal number of clicks. This saves a lot of time for gamers and set options in accordance to their needs. The monitor comes at a price of $366.97.


The PS4 is one of the world’s most popular and beloved gaming systems, and most of the games it offers are simply spectacular. So how disappointing it would be if we didn’t have the monitor to live up to the splendour of the PS4. This is why an effective, robust and high-quality gaming monitor is a must for any PS4 owner, and as the article shows, you have a very good range to choose from. It will only cost you around $300-400, but the gaming experience you will get with it well be nothing less than priceless. So get choosing!

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