Top 5 Best Modem For Gaming

If you're a gamer, you know that one of the best feelings in the world is completely dominating your opponents. When it comes to cleaning up in an online game there's little that matters more than a good connection to the internet. A little latency and its resulting lag can tank your score even more than letting a little brother play in your place.To make sure the odds are in your favour, you need a strong connection. And a strong connection starts with a solid modem. So how do you make sure you've got the best modem for gaming that you can get? Here are the top picks.


NETGEAR is a multinational networking company that's based in California. They're well-known for high-quality modems.This one may be the best modem for gaming that’s currently out there, which is why it’s in the top place. The NETGEAR CM1000 is an ultra-high-speed modem that supports download speeds up to1000mbps. It’s the newest in a line of CM- models and it takes speed to the next level.Its DOCSIS 3.1 is 10x faster than other DOCSIS 3.0 modems. Because of its intense speed it's the ideal modem for ultra high definition streaming and online gaming.It's designed to deal with the demands of today and it's ready to take on any upgrades of the future.

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200

Another modem with the newest DOCSIS 3.1technology offered by Cable Internet Providers. It's perfect for maximising speed today, and it's a smart way to invest in your future speed.The first SURFboard was around back in 1997,and they’ve been getting better and better since then. Now the SB8200 is our runner-up for first place.It's perfect for online gaming and will support Virtual Reality gaming, too.Make use of the 32 download channels and 8 upload channels this modem brings to the table.If you've got access to internet with 300 mbps then this modem will be ideal, supporting any type of gaming that you're into.


Another NETGEAR modem that’s a bit less pricey, the CM700 will keep you going at internet speeds of up to 500mbps.This modem can still stream 4k, with fast downloads, and high speeds for gaming online.Although it’s only got a DOCSIS 3.0, compared to DOCSIS 3.1 in the newer CM1000, this modem is still 32 times faster than any DOCSIS 2.0 modem.It’s an excellent choice for anyone who’s enthusiastic about gaming. It’s great value for its price and is a sure upgrade from any rental modem you may have. That’s why this modem has made its way to third place.

TP-Link TC 7650

If you’re looking to save some coin but you still want an upgrade to your current gaming speed, you should check out this modem. It may cost a bit less, but it still supports 4k streaming and online gaming.The TP-Link TC 7650 has got a quick, easy set-up so you can switch to this modem and get to the better connection evenmore quickly. And the 1.0GHz dual-core processor will make sure your newconnection is smooth, even if you have many devices connected at the same time.The easy set-up means you might not need it,but TP has got free 24/7 technical support available in case you do.


Another DOCSIS 3.1 modem that has Active Queue Management to keep your ping and latency down so you experience less lag while you’re gaming.The high-speed modem will have you cruisingalong without disruption in any game youplay. And its quick-start setup will get you connected quickly.In addition to its speed, the MB8600 has protection against dreaded Denial of Service attacks, too.It looks good, and the compact design is good for keeping the modem cool and minimising the space it uses on your shelf.This ultra-fast modem will deliver the speed you need to maintain your A-game as you game.


If you’re looking to stop throwing money away monthly by renting a modem or you want to upgrade your speed to gain a competitive edge, the solution is the same. You need to find the best modem for gaming that fits your needs and your budget.You don't want to crawl along while everyone else online is sprinting at full speed. Level up your modem as high as you're able to and you'll level up your gaming, too.

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