The Best Gaming Mouse Pad Review

While building a gaming rig, one thing people overlook is a gaming mouse pad. A great gaming experience is only complete when your mouse effortlessly glides over the pad without breaks, pauses & any hiccups.

You can improve your gaming experience by having the best gaming mouse pad that can enhance your moves. This may cost you a bit higher but it is a worthy investment considering the benefits you obtain. There are many benefits of having such a mouse pad as it provides a comfortable, smooth and streamlined surface that will protect your mouse from tear and also prevent accumulating dirt at the base of the mouse. To help you find the most suitable for you, here are some of the best mouse pads available in the market for you.

Corsair MM600 Mouse Pad

Corsair MM600 is one of the most popular gaming mouse pad used by many users. It has a brilliant surface that provides an adequate space for you to move the mouse having an approximate measurement of 147.66 square inches. It measurements in size is approximately Size: 13.8 x 10.7 x 0.2 inches. The size is adequate you to enable you to maneuver your mouse thus hitting your targets without missing which is also enabled by low friction surface. The Corsair MM600 is one of the best mouse pad that offers more versatility as it is a double-sided mouse pad with rubber stoppers in every corner that enables it to stay in place. It is made of aluminum that offers low friction surface that offers accurate response time when gaming.

Razer Firefly-Hard Gaming Mouse Mat

This is another amazing mouse pad for gamers. It features a perfect hard surface surrounded by LED lights around the edges with chroma capabilities for clear vision even in the dark. The Razer Firefly is one of the best gaming mouse pad that integrates easily with other Razor Chroma peripherals for high performance to display elaborate color patterns. The hard surface enables your mouse to move easily without resistance making your game more comfortable while the lights visually spice up your gaming environment. It measures 14.0 x 10.0x 0.2 inches which provide a pleasant surface for your mouse.

Logitech G240

The Logitech G240 is all about simplicity when it comes to the choice of a good mouse. It has a slip of black on the surface that provides easy glide across the desktop and also a resistant fabric at the base to keep it in position thus offering a high degree of accuracy when playing your favorite games. It's one of the best mouse pad that has no embroidered edges that may hinder the mobility of the mouse and also consist of a classic G logo at the base that signifies a recognized brand name. The mouse pad also comes with brilliant Logitech G sensors that enhance accuracy and performance. It is made for stability, comfort where the soft cloth ensures your wrist comfort and also a rubber base that keeps it in position all along.

Asus ROG Scabbard

The Asus ROG Scabbard is a huge mouse pad that can even hold your laptop or the keyboard and the mouse. It has a massive surface area of 613.65 square inches and the measurements of 35.43 x 17.32 x 0.11 inches. It's one of the best gaming mouse pad that provides a large surface area for your mouse and all your gaming accessories that you are using at the moment. The mouse pad consists of a non-slippery ROG-red rubber base consisting of a low-friction sheath wooden surface for amazing gaming controls. The woven sheath is a temperature tested down to 30C that prevents your gaming computer from overheating.

The MSI Thunderstorm

For the gamers who adore metal, the MSI Thunderstorm is a brilliant heavyweight mouse pad that offers an exclusive space measuring 12.6 x 8.8 x 0.07 inches. It is made of a thin durable aluminum that offers cold a cold touch. It also comes with anodized, hairline surfaced aluminum that offers a brilliant texture for moving your mouse and also rubber stoppers that ensures stability when you are playing your game. The textured surface offers amazing gaming experience where you can also flip over to a micro-textured surface made of a comfort cloth that can change your experience.


As you have observed, they are among the best mouse pads you will find in the market. The mouse pads offer greater experience while using your computer especially when gaming. Technology is changing every day where you will find numerous mouse pads that enable everyone to find what they need. If your searching for the best gaming mouse pad, you can find the one that suits your needs from the above collection. The prices are competitive and whichever your choice is, you will have nothing to regret but enjoying the fun and easier mobility you will experience from your mouse pad choice.

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